I am a London based Photographer.


Studying BA Hons Photography at the University of Brighton for three years helped me to widen my portfolio. Experimentation is important to me and I continually seek out the unusual and look for different ways to create a unique mage. Frequently reinventing my creative approach. I enjoy being versatile and adaptable and relish a challenge to tackle something different. I have gained a considerable number of technical and creative skills over the years. All of my work illustrates a keen eye for detail; my photographs show a delicate balance between the control over light, colour and composition. I evaluate the aesthetics of an image and feel it is important to consider my audiences expectations but am also keen to add value by introducing other elements that enhance the subject or add a new dimension. I particularly enjoy capturing images that tell a story or make a statement. I have a hands-on approach to planning, shooting and post-production to maintain creative control and direction; using both multiple exposure as well as capturing everything ‘in-camera’

I have had a passion for photography since a young age and have always had a creative mind.

I cover a wide range of subjects including fashion, portraiture and still life, as well as live music, weddings and other similar events. I have worked as a freelance photographer and shot artists including Years & Years. I have acted as an official photographer for many local events including “The Durham Dash”.

My work has been published in a book fronted by internationally renowned photographer Rankin entitled ‘This Is Britain’ produced in 2017. My monochrome portrait featured in the chapter titled ‘The Rush Hour’.

I have experience shooting in both film and digital, often within a studio environment and knowledge of using Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom and Premiere Pro to edit images.

I am based in London but am willing to travel to suit your individual needs. If you are interested in enquiring about my work please do have a look through my portfolio and put in a request on my contact page.


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